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Crane Sales in Utah – If you are interested in purchasing a Potain tower crane, contact us and we can help you find the best fit for your company and future projects. We offer maintenance, transport, erection and de-erection support for any crane you purchase.

MakeModelMaxiumum RadiusHeightTip CapacityMax capacity near jib foot
PotainIGO MA2172 ft63 ft882 lbs3968 lbs
PotainHUP 28-2292 ft64 ft1870 lbs4840 lbs
PotainHUP 32/27105 ft89 ft2200 lbs8800 lbs
PotainHD 40A115 ft74 ft2200 lbs8800 lbs
PotainIGO 50131 ft76 ft2200 lbs8800 lbs
PotainHUP 40/30131 ft98 ft2200 lbs8800 lbs
PotainHUP C 40/30131 ft98 ft2200 lbs8800 lbs
PotainIGO T70131 ft105 ft2856 lbs8800 lbs
PotainIGO T85A148 ft115 ft2750 lbs13200 lbs
PotainIGO T130164 ft122 ft3000 lbs17600 lbs
PotainMCT88171 ft2,400 lbs11,000 lbs
PotainMDT98180 ft2,400 lbs13,200 lbs
PotainMDT178197 ft3,400 lbs17,600 lbs
PotainMDT219 J10213 ft4,100 lbs22,000 lbs
PotainMDT302246 ft4,630 lbs35,273 lbs
PotainMD345B L12246 ft5,730 lbs26,450 lbs
PotainMDT389246 ft7,400 lbs35,200 lbs
PotainMD485B262 ft6,000 lbs44,000 lbs
PotainMD569262 ft12,000 lbs55,200 lbs
PotainMR418197 ft11,000 lbs26,400 lbs