Potain Top Slewing MCT 88

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Potain Top Slewing MCT 88 – The MCT 88 is the largest model in Potain’s city topless series. The crane features minimal componentry, providing adaptability and easy installation on urban job sites. Bases, masts, counter-jib ballast blocks, and telescoping cages interchangeable with other MCT models. The Hup C 40-30 has a maximum radius of 171 feet, a tip capacity of 2,400 lbs, and a maximum capacity near jib foot of 11,0000 lbs.


  • Make: Potain
  • Model: MCT 88
  • Maximum Radius: 171 ft
  • Height:
  • Tip Capacity: 2400 lbs
  • Max Capacity near jib foot: 11,000 lbs

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  • Integrated remote control
  • Optional Ultra View cab
  • Counter-jib assembles on ground
  • Counter-jib assembles on ground